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Warranty Policy

Products are warranted when the following conditions are met:

The product is still under warranty and registered warranty (from the date written on the purchase voucher).

The warranty period is stated on the warranty card and according to the regulations of each manufacturer for all technical problems.

The product is damaged by components in the machine or by the manufacturer.

Must have warranty card and warranty on the product warranty, delivery slip www.sieuthimaylanh.com.

Machine numbers and seals on the product must be intact, not torn or lost.

The machine number on the product, on the warranty card and on the delivery note must be the same.

Products not covered by warranty:

Product is out of warranty or insured.

Incorrect use according to the manual, incorrect use of the voltage indicated on the product.

Warranty seals are torn, broken, overprinted or modified.

Warranty card does not specify serial number and date of purchase.

The serial number on the product is wrong (or blurred, unrecognizable) compared to the warranty card.

Products damaged by external effects such as fall, breakage, impact, scratches, dents, wet, rust, flowing water or fire, natural disasters, insect infiltration.

Enclosures and accessories such as power cord, wires, remote control, control batteries, headphones, fans on the device, or equipment damaged by the fan cause a fire.

The product has been repaired before delivery to www.sieuthimaylanh.com or the carrier.