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Headquartered in Osaka, Japan, the world's leading manufacturer of construction and development of electronic products and industrial equipment. 

In pursuing the goal of creating "A better life, A better world", Panasonic always try my best the lead in many areas, contributing to the development and progress of society through business activities , thereby improving the quality of life around the world.

Panasonic air conditioner integrate advanced technologies to create cool breezes and fresh air natural.

Inverter Technology (Save Power) : Panasonic Air-conditioning always leading in inverter technology, the operation improve compressor can save 40 - 60% power consumption than ordinary air-conditioning, and reduce the operation when the noise emitted.

P-Tech Technology :Air conditioning Panasonic have to integrate P-Tech technology helps cooling faster than refrigerating (non - inverter) 35% by optimizing high-capacity compressor operation.

Aerowings Technology: Air conditioning Panasonic have to integrate smart air flow help when starting the air flow was strong file away to improve the possibility of cooling atmosphere quickly.

Shower Cooling Technology: With Japanese traditional products air conditioning Panasonic always attach importance to detail the operation, after Aerowings Technology is Shower Cooling Technology direct shower over and the direction of the wind when the air in the room temperature has been reached cold mode settings. Cooling Shower technology to adjust the wind does not blow directly on the user to provide a relaxing, cooling and most natural for you.

Intelligent Eco Sensor Technology (Econavi): Air conditioning Panasonic have to integrate Econavi detects changes in human movements and reduces the waste of cooling the unoccupied area of the room and detects changes in activity levels and reduces the waste of cooling with unnecessary power.

April 2017, Panasonic introduced the generation air conditioning Panasonic new technology with 2 lines of SKY and AERO series inspired by nature. Bring cooler air look like the cool natural caves.

Radiant Cooling Technology: Air conditioning Panasonic have to integrate Radiant Cooling Technology and Air Flow above the body for model years 2017 to help produce cold covering all over the room quickly and save power.

Nanoe-G Technology : The stream of air conditioning Panasonic 2017 apply technology to filter bacteria and odors, to bring fresh summer with applied nano technology-G for all line of Panasonic air conditioner production 2017. Nanoe-G technology has the ability to remove up to 99% of dirt in the air and disable to 99% of the harmful element adhesive on the material or in the membrane filter. Even the super small elements such as PM 2.5 can also be removed to 99% gas filter technology nanoe-G. have provided a full range of Panasonic Air Conditioning system such as:  PANASONIC AIR CONDITIONAL,  PANASONIC FLOOR STANDING AIR CONDITIONER,  PANASONIC CEILING AIR CONDITIONER,  PANASONIC CASSETTE AIR CONDITIONER, PANASONIC MULTI SYSTEM, VRV SYSTEM - PANASONIC.