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Electric equipment co., Ltd is the company Vietnam be Casper Electric (Thailand) co., Ltd. technical consultant and representative of the distribution and maintenance of product brand "Casper" in Vietnam market , include air conditioning and commercial refrigeration.

The air conditioning lines of high quality branded Casper offered by

IFeel technology - Casper air conditioning will manually adjust the optimal temperature. Casper remote control is mounted parts thermal sensor can sense the user's body temperature. When activate iFeel, air conditioners will adjust the optimum temperature for the user.
IClean function - smart self - cleaning technology integrated on air conditioning, when using this feature will make the surface freezing cold, and staging

A filter Anti-Formaldehyde: Casper air conditioners Casper will be able remove 93.8% of formaldehyde causing harm to health customers.
Deep sleep: Technology will help the system air conditioning - Casper Auto adjust smart temperature may feel the body heat and adjust at optimal levels. Get you deep sleep and cheery.
Standby power-saving with only 0, 5W: advanced air conditioning Line Casper when air supply temperature required, the machine will automatically run in standby mode and consumes only 0, 5W/h help save power consumption by up to 80% achieved the criteria details maximum power savings for you.

Casper offer many product line to the market segment of air conditioners such as: air conditioner, ceiling cassette air conditioner....

Siêu Thị Máy Lạnh have provided a full range of Casper Air Conditioners, Please contact: 57 Song Hành Street, An Phú Ward, District 2. Hotline: 0909 811 373 - 090 282 0616.