Daikin Ceiling Duct AC FBQ100EVE (4.0Hp) inverter - 3 phase

Daikin Ceiling Duct AC FBQ100EVE (4.0Hp) inverter - 3 phase

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Air Conditioner 4.0 HP
Inverter Air Conditioner
Gas R410A
Made in:Brand of Japanese, Made in Thailand
Type:Inverter AC - Cooling Only
Cooling Capacity:4.0 Hp - 34.100 Btu/h
Use For Room:Room area 50 - 54 m² or volume 150 - 162 m³
Power Input (Ph/V/Hz):3 Phase, 380 - 415 V, 50Hz
Power consumption (kW):2,82 KW
Refrigerant/ Liquid Pipe Diameter (mm):9.5 / 15.9
Cooling Seasonal Performance Factor (CSPF):4.73
Energy Efficiency Level:4 stars
Indoor Unit
Indoor Unit Model:FBQ100EVE
Indoor Unit Dimensions (mm):245 x 1,400 x 800 mm
Indoor Unit Net Weight (Kg):47 (kg)
Outdoor Unit
Outdoor Unit Model:RZR100MYM
Outdoor Unit Dimensions (mm):990 x 940 x 320 mm
Outdoor Unit Net Weight (Kg):73 (kg)

Design and installation flexibility 

  • With a height of only 245 mm, installation is possible even in buildings  with narrow ceiling spaces
     Indoor  unit71E100/125/140E
     Height ( mm)245
     Width (mm)1,0001,400
     Depth (mm)800
One of the industry’s most compact bodies in the mid-static pressure range.
  • Higher lift is realized by utilising built-in DC drain pump with standard accessory
  • Bottom suction is available
    Wiring and servicing can be done from the underside of the unit (an option part required).



  • Switchable fan speed:High/Middle/Low and Auto
    (“Auto” is applicable when BRC1E62 is used.)


  • Silver ion anti-bacterial drain pan
    A built-in antibacterial treatment that uses silver ion in the drain pan prevents the growth of slime, bacteria, and mould that cause smells and clogging.
  • Using a DC fan motor, the external static pressure can be controlled to within a range of 50 Pa to 150 P
  • Airflow rate auto adjustment function
    Controls the airflow rate using a remote controller during test run. It is automatically adjusted to approximately ±10% of the rated H tap airflow.
Comfort airflow is achieved in accordance with conditions such as duct lengthComfort airflow is achieved in accordance with conditions such as duct length
  • Interlock control
    As an energy saving feature, the room air conditioning unit can be interlocked with the hotel key card system. Using a 3rd-party building management system, air conditioning and lighting can be interlocked.
    * Field setting with remote controller
  • DIII-NET communication standard
    Easier communication and connection with the centralised control system.

Easy maintenance

  • Position of drain pan inspection opening has been modified for easier inspection work
  • Drain pan maintenance check window
    This makes it possible to inspect for drain pan dirt and to confirm drainage during installation without the use of tools.
  • Easy maintenance because the drain pan can be removed

High efficiency

  • DC fan motor and DC drain pump are utilised to improve energy efficiency

Simultaneous air conditioning of two rooms and ventilation grille (ventilation opening)

When air conditioning two rooms simultaneously, the air discharged into each room must be circulated back to the air conditioner. To achieve this, a ventilation duct should be  installed for each room or one of the indicated ventilation grilles should be installed on the partitioning wall or under the door between the rooms.


Note: The under-door cutout method should be used only when there is a small volume of airflow.


Note :
1. Rated cooling capacities are based on the following conditions: Indoor temp., 27°CDB, 19.0°CWB; outdoor temp. 35°CDB, 24°CWB. Equiv. refrigeration piping, 7.5 m (horizontal)
2. Rated heating capacities are based on the following conditions: Indoor temp., 20°CDB, 15°CWB; outdoor temp., 7°CDB, 6°CWB. Equiv. refrigeration piping, 7.5 m (horizontal)
3. Capacities are net, including a deduction for cooling for indoor fan motor heat.
4. External static pressure is changeable in 11 stages by remote controller.
5. The operation sound is measured in anechoic chamber. If it is measured under the actual installation conditions, it is normally over the set value due to environmental noise and sound reflection.
6. Air filter is not standard accessory, but please mount it in the duct system of the suction side. Select its dust collection efficiency(gravity method) 50% or more.

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