Ceiling Concealed Type Multi Mitsubishi Heavy SRR60ZM-S (2.5 HP)

Ceiling Concealed Type Multi Mitsubishi Heavy SRR60ZM-S (2.5 HP)

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4 công suất làm lạnh. Bạn đang chọn 2.5 Hp
Phí vật tư có thể phát sinh: 665,000đ. Xem chi tiết vật tư.
Air Conditioner 2.5 HP
Inverter Air Conditioner
Gas R410A
Made in:Thương hiệu : Nhật - Sản xuất tại : Thái Lan
Type:Inverter (tiết kiệm điện) - loại 2 chiều (lạnh/sưởi)
Cooling Capacity:2.5 Hp (2.5 Ngựa) - 20.500 Btu/h
Use For Room:Diện tích 31 - 35 m² hoặc 93 - 105 m³ khí (thích hợp cho phòng khách, văn phòng).
Power Input (Ph/V/Hz):1 Pha, 220 - 240 V, 50Hz
Refrigerant/ Liquid Pipe Diameter (mm):6.35 / 12.7
Indoor Unit
Indoor Unit Model:SRR60ZM-S
Indoor Unit Dimensions (mm):200 x 950 x 500 mm
Indoor Unit Net Weight (Kg):20,5 kg



Adapted to RoHS directvive

RoHS: Restriction of Hazardous substances

In order to avoid the release of hazardous substances into the environments, all models have utilized lead-free solder application. It has been considered to be difficult to use lead-free solder for practical applications because it requires higher solder temperatures as assembly, which can jeopardize reliability. However our PbF soldering method can produce a higher quality lead-free printed circuit board.



Self clean operation
The operation is operated for 2 hours after the unit has stopped its normal operation. The indoor unit is dried up and growth of mold is restrained.

Comfortable Functions
Fuzzy auto mode

Automatically, the unit determines its operating mode and adjusts the inverter frequency..

Automatic Operation

The air conditioner automatically selects from among heating, cooling and dry operations.

" HI POWER" operation

The unit can operation continuously in " HI POWER" mode for 15 minutes. This mode is convenient to reach the desired temperature quickly.

Microcomputer- Operated Defrosting

This mode automatically eliminates frost and helps minimize excessive operation in other modes.

Self-Diagnostic Funtion

In the case that the air conditioner malfunctions an internal microcomuter automatically runs a self-diagnosis.

Detachable indoor Air Inlet Panel

The air inlet panel on the indoor unit opens the closes easily, making filter cleaning simple. The suction panel can also de removed.

Economy Mode

The unit realizes effective energy saving operation, while still keepiing a comfortable cooling and heating.

Dry operation

The unit dehumidifies the room by intermittent cooling operation.

Off timer

the unit stops autpmatically at the set time.

On timer

This facility enables the operation to start a little earlier, so thât the room approaches optimum temperature at ON time when te operation is started by ON _TMER.

Sleep Mode

The room temperature is automatically controlled during the set sleep mode period, ensuring that room temperature will not get too cold or too hot

 " Night Setback" 

During cold seasons, room temperatures can be maintained at a comfortable level even while the room is  unattended.

The air conditioner keeps the temperature at 100C.

 < Weekly timer>

This faciliy enables the operation to start a little earlier, so that the room approaches optimum temperature at ON time when the operation is started by ON-TIMER.

Thus it will try to be at the temperature you want when you want.

Back-up Switch

On the main unit, there is a backup on/off switch, which is useful when you can't use remote control or batteries are

Auto Restart Funtion

Power blackout auto restart function is a function that records, the operational status of the air-conditioner immediately prior to it being switched off by a power cut and the automatically resumes operations at that point after the power has been restored.

Luminous Button

With wireless " Luminous" remote controls that even " glow in the dark" , it is possible to operate all desired functions of the unit with the click of a button.

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