Outdoor Unit Multi Mitsubishi Heavy SCM50ZM-S (2.0Hp) Inverter

Outdoor Unit Multi Mitsubishi Heavy SCM50ZM-S (2.0Hp) Inverter

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Air Conditioner 2.0 HP
Inverter Air Conditioner
Gas R410A
Made in:Brand of Japanese, Made in Thailand
Type:Inverter AC - Cooling Only
Cooling Capacity:2.0 Hp - 17.100 Btu/h
Use For Room:A 2.0 hp outdoor unit, maximum combined with 3 indoor units ( please contact the consultant for further information about the combination of the indoor units and the coefficient of the machine.
Power Input (Ph/V/Hz):1 phase, 220 - 240V, 50Hz
Power consumption (kW):1,08 Kw (0,50 - 2,15)
Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER):4.63
Dimensions (H x W x D):640 x 850 x 290 (mm)
Weigh:48 kg

General Data

 Nominal cooling capacity (min-max)kW5.0 (1.8 - 7.1)
 Nominal heating capacity (min-max)kW6.0 (1.4 - 7.5)
 EER (Energy Label) 4.76
 COP (Energy Label) 4.84
 Exterior Dimensions (H x W x D)mm 640 x 850 (+65) x 290 
 Net Weightkg48.5
 Sound Pressure Level (Cooling/Heating)dB(A)49 / 51

Elecrical Data

 Power Source   1Phase, 220 - 240V, 50Hz 
 Inrush current (220/230/240v)A6.2 / 5.9 / 5.7
 Max. running currentA15
 Power consumption (cooling)kW1.05 (0.60−2.15)
 Power consumption (heating)kW1.24 (0.55−2.58)


 Ref. Max Piping Length m Max. 40
 Vertical Height differences / Outdoor is higher/lower m Max. 15 / Max. 15 


(1)It must not be surrounded by walls on four sides.
(2)The unit must be fixed with anchor bolts. An anchor bolt must not protrude more than 15mm.
(3)Where the unit is subjected to strong winds, lay it in such a direction that the blower outlet faces perpendicularly to the dominant wind direction.
(4)Leave 1.2m or more space above the unit.
(5)A wall in front of the blower outlet must not exceed the unit's height.
(6)The model name label is attached on the service panel.

Refrigerant Pipe Length
The maximum piping length of the refrigerant pipes for the outdoor units, and the maximum height difference for the outdoor units are as shown below.


* Refer to page 27 for additional information r egarding SCM series specifications.
* In case of combination with SRK--ZMXA-S, SRK71ZMA-S, FDEN50VF, 3 indoor units can be connected.
   Example; Can be 3 x SRK--ZMXA-S or 3 x FDEN50VF or a combina tion of any of these thr ee noted.
* In case of SRK71ZMA-S + SRK71ZMA-S, 2 indoor units can be con nected as a two port legal connection.
* SRK63ZMA-S, SRK80ZMA-S, SRK92ZMA-S, and other FDUM & FDEN mod els or FDT, FDUA models are not possible to connect with SCM series.
* DXK/DXU indoor units ar e not possible to connect with SCM series.

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