Sumikura Air Conditioners

Sumikura Air Conditioner - Sumikura Genuine Air Conditioner

Sumikura-brand reputation has confirmed its name on the market. The products of Sumikura have to integrate advanced technology from Japan and produced in the factory: Malaysia, Thailand and China. With luxurious designs, eye-catching, high quality. 

Outstanding features:

* Luxury design
* Easy installation
* Deodorant filter
* Automatic wind 
* Automatically problem and protect
* Automatic restart
* Power-saving
* Smooth operation
* Self-cleaning air

Siêu Thị Máy Lạnh have provided a full range of Sumikura Air Conditioners, Please contact: 57 Song Hành Street, An Phú Ward, District 2. Hotline: 0909 811 373 - 090 282 0616.