Daikin Air Conditioner FTNE50MV1V (2.0Hp) Gas R410A
Daikin Air Conditioner FTNE50MV1V (2.0Hp) Gas R410A
Daikin Air Conditioner FTNE50MV1V (2.0Hp) Gas R410A
Daikin Air Conditioner FTNE50MV1V (2.0Hp) Gas R410A
Daikin Air Conditioner FTNE50MV1V (2.0Hp) Gas R410A
Daikin Air Conditioner FTNE50MV1V (2.0Hp) Gas R410A
Daikin Air Conditioner FTNE50MV1V (2.0Hp) Gas R410A
Daikin Air Conditioner FTNE50MV1V (2.0Hp) Gas R410A

Daikin Air Conditioner FTNE50MV1V (2.0Hp) Gas R410A

4 công suất làm lạnh. Bạn đang chọn 2.0 Hp
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02 years for components
05 years for compressor
Air Conditioner 2.0 HP
Non-Inverter Air Conditioner
Gas R410A
Made in:Japanese brand, Made in Malaysia
Type:Non - inverter AC - Cooling Only
Cooling Capacity:2.0 HP - 17.150 Btu/h - 5.02KW
Use For Room:Room area 24 - 30 m² or Volume 72 - 90 m³ ( Suitable for living room, office )
Power Input (Ph/V/Hz):1 Phase, 220 - 240 V, 50Hz
Power consumption (kW):1,69 Kw
Refrigerant/ Liquid Pipe Diameter (mm):6.35 / 15.9
Maximum Pipe Length:20 (m)
Maximum Elevation Length:15 (m)
Cooling Seasonal Performance Factor (CSPF):3.29 (CSPF)
Energy Efficiency Level:3 sao
Indoor Unit
Indoor Unit Model:FTNE50MV1V
Indoor Unit Dimensions (mm):290 x 1.050 x 238 (mm)
Indoor Unit Net Weight (Kg):12 (kg)
Outdoor Unit
Outdoor Unit Model:RNE50MV1V
Outdoor Unit Dimensions (mm):595 x 845 x 300 (mm)
Outdoor Unit Net Weight (Kg):36 (kg)


Comfortable Airflow Control

Daikin’s sophisticated airflow control and low sound pressure levels surround you with a cloud of quiet comfort. Choosing the right model is easy, with a full lineup of 5 models from 2.0 to 6.0 kW available. These stylish, compact units look just as cool as they feel.

Power-Airflow Dual Flaps


Power-Airflow Dual Flaps flatten out during cooling operation to deliver air to every part of a room. Choosing the low angle sends air right to the corners, while choosing the high angle spreads air around the centre.

Vertical Auto-Swing (up and down).

Vertical Auto-Swing (up and down) automatically moves the flaps up and down to distribute air across a room. When the air conditioner is turned off, the flaps shut automatically so that dust can not enter.

New Powerful Operation Wide-Angle Louvers.


New Powerful Operation boost airflow to maximum volume for a 20-minute period. This is convenient when you want to quickly adjust the indoor temperature to the set temperature. After this, the unit automatically returns to its previous settings. New Powerful Operation is available for 5.0 and 6.0 kW models.

Wide-Angle Louvers


Wide-Angle Louvers provide wide airflow coverage for effective operation no matter where the indoor unit is placed in a room. The louvers can be adjusted to deliver cool air to the corners of a room by hand.

Energy Saving
The 2.0 to 6.0 kW models provide a high COP of 2.97 or more. An air conditioner’s COP (Coefficient of Performance) indicates how efficiently the unit uses energy. A higher COP means greater energy efficiency. It also means lower electricity consumption, so you save money.

Quiet Operation

The key benefit of split type air conditioners is their quiet operation. This is made possible by the separate indoor and outdoor units. The FTNE25M offers a low sound pressure level of 28 dB (A) for indoor unit operation and 50 dB (A) for outdoor unit operation.


Anticorrosion Treatment of Outdoor Heat Exchanger Fins

The outdoor unit’s heat exchanger fins are covered with a thin acrylic resin layer to enhance their resistance to acid rain and salt corrosion. A hydrophilic film layer also prevents rust caused by the run off of water droplets. The RNE50/60M uses the microchannel heat exchanger (MCHE).


Long Piping Length for Flexible Unit Placement

The FTNE35/50/60M supports a piping length of up to 20 metres to give flexibility during unit installation. This allows the outdoor unit to be placed on a balcony or where it can not be seen. Indoor units can also be installed where they do not compromise the decor of a room.


Night Set Mode

Pressing the Off timer button automatically selects Night Set Mode. This function prevents excessive cooling for a pleasant sleep. Sixty minutes after the Off timer button is pressed, the room temperature is raised by 0.5°C.


Remote FTNE series


Specification for Wall Mounted - Cooling only (R32) - FTNE series


Measurement conditions

1. Cooling capacity is based on: indoor temp. 27°CDB, 19°CWB; outdoor temp. 35°CDB; piping length 5 m.
2. Sound pressure levels are based on the temperature conditions 1 above. These are anechoic conversion values.
These values are normally somewhat higher during actual operation as a result of ambient conditions.