Daikin Floor Standing AC Inverter FVQ125CVEB (5.0Hp) - 1 pha
Daikin Floor Standing AC Inverter FVQ125CVEB (5.0Hp) - 1 pha
Daikin Floor Standing AC Inverter FVQ125CVEB (5.0Hp) - 1 pha
Daikin Floor Standing AC Inverter FVQ125CVEB (5.0Hp) - 1 pha

Daikin Floor Standing AC Inverter FVQ125CVEB (5.0Hp) - 1 pha

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02 years for components
05 years for compressor
Air Conditioner 5.0 HP
Inverter Air Conditioner
Gas R32
Made in:Brand of Japanese, Made in Thailand
Type:Inverter AC - Cooling Only
Cooling Capacity:5.0 Hp - 42.700 Btu/h
Use For Room:Room Area 64 - 67 m² or Volume 192 - 201 m³ ( Suitable for living room, office )
Power Input (Ph/V/Hz):1 Phase, 220 - 240 V, 50Hz
Power consumption (kW):4,62 Kw
Refrigerant/ Liquid Pipe Diameter (mm):9.5 / 15.9
Maximum Pipe Length:50 (m)
Maximum Elevation Length:30 (m)
Cooling Seasonal Performance Factor (CSPF):4.58
Indoor Unit
Indoor Unit Model:FVQ125CVEB
Indoor Unit Dimensions (mm):1.850 x 600 x 350 (mm)
Indoor Unit Net Weight (Kg):47 (kg)
Outdoor Unit
Outdoor Unit Model:RZR125MVM
Outdoor Unit Dimensions (mm):990 x 940 x 320 (mm)
Outdoor Unit Net Weight (Kg):65 (kg)

New comfortable airflow control

1. Left and right directions (by remote controller)

Auto swing direction is selectable from 3 patterns to suit the layout of the room.

(Applicable when BRC1E62 is used.)

Pattern 1 :
Swing wide across the front
When installed in the center of a wall.
Pattern 2 :
Swing across left side
When installed in the corner of a room.
Pattern 3 :
Swing across right side
When installed in the corner of a room.

2. Up and down directions (by hand)
Independent up-and-down airflow directions facilitate even room temperature and help save energy.


Comfortable fan speed control

Switchable fan speed :

High/Middle/Low and Auto

("Auto" is applicable when BRC1E62 is used.)

Auto airflow rate is selectable

Airflow rate is automatically controlled in accordance with the

difference between room temperature and set temperature.

High fan speed mode (applicable for FVQ50-100)

To carry airflow to the far side of the room, airflow rate can be

increased 5% or 10% depending on the installation condition or

customer's request. (Field setting by remote controller.)

Programme "Dry"

Dehumidification is microprocessor controlled to prevent abrupt

and uncomfortable changes in air temperature.

Energy saving

DC fan motor improves efficiency

Quiet operation



Quick and easy installation and maintenance
Lightweight indoor unit
Enables smooth transport and installation of the indoor unit.



Long-life filter (standard) requires no maintenance for about 1 year*
The filter is washable and reused after 1 year.

* For dust concentration of 0.15 mg/m3

-Two time settings (2500 hrs and 1250 hrs) are available to match the installation
environment. Maintenance time warning is displayed on the remote controller (filter sign).
-The periodical cleaning time for the filter can be shortened depending on the usage

Employs a safety lock function of suction grille

The grill will not open even upon impact.

DIII-NET communication standard

Connection to a centralised control system is available without option.

Technology for energy efficiency

The high efficiency compressor to achieve a high COP

1. Compressor equiped with Reluctance DC motor

Daikin DC Inverter models are equipped with the Reluctance DC motor for compressor. The Reluctance DC motor uses 2 different types of torque, neodymium magnet*1 and reluctance torque*2. This motor can save energy because it generates more power with a smaller electric power than an AC or previous DC motor.



2. Fan

V-cut Propeller Fan (RZR50-71M)
Through use of a V-cut propeller fan that imitates the efficiency of the swan, a migratory bird, airflow becomes smooth and loss is reduced.
Aero Spiral Fan (RZR100-140M, RZQ series)
The Aero Spiral Fan features fan blades with the
bent blade edges, further reducing turbulence.


3. DC fan motor
Efficiency improved in all areas compared to AC
motors, especially at low speeds.


Night quiet operation mode

The Automatic night quiet mode will initiate 8 hours after the peak temperature is reached in the daytime, and normal operation will resume 10 hours after that

Reducing noise will reduce capacity slightly.

Note :

1. Anechoic chamber conversion value, measured according to JIS parameters and criteria. During operation these values are somewhat higher owing to ambient conditions.
2.Value when cooling. Value will differ when heating.


As the bottom frame is subject to corrosion, a corrosion-proof galvarium steel plate is adopted to enhance the durability
Heat exchange fins are provided with anti-corrosion treatment (RZR50-71 and RZQ(S) series)
Demand Control Function
By setting limits that restrict power consumption, you can cut electricity bills(RZR100-140 and RZQ(S) series)
Maximum power use is maintained within a set level of system capacity. This enables effective demand control while maintaining comfort. Maximum power consumption can be set at 40, 60, 70, 80, or 100%.

Easy installation and maintenance

  • Pre charged for up to 30 metres
    If the refrigerant piping length does not exceed 30 m, there is no need for on-site gas charging.
  • Long piping length
  • 4-direction piping offers greater layout freedom (RZR100-140 and RZQ(S) series)
    The outer panel for the piping connection part of the front, right side and backside can be removed and is easier for post-installation piping work.
  • Removable part of bottom frame makes the piping work easier
  • Facilitates pump down (Refrigerant recovery function)
    A pump-down switch is provided to make it easier to collect refrigerant if the unit is to be moved or layout modified.
    *Pump-down function is available for pre-charged refrigerant amount.
  • Low gas pressure detection function
    Effective gas monitoring reduces the labor required for operation, maintenance, and repairs.

Compact and lightweight

Reduced installation work thanks to light, compact outdoor unit.