Daikin Ceiling Cassette AC Inverter FCQ100KAVEA (4.0Hp) - 3 pha
Daikin Ceiling Cassette AC Inverter FCQ100KAVEA (4.0Hp) - 3 pha
Daikin Ceiling Cassette AC Inverter FCQ100KAVEA (4.0Hp) - 3 pha

Daikin Ceiling Cassette AC Inverter FCQ100KAVEA (4.0Hp) - 3 pha

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Air Conditioner 4.0 HP
Inverter Air Conditioner
Gas R410A
Made in:Brand of Japanese, Made in Thailand
Type:Inverter AC - Cooling Only
Cooling Capacity:4.0 HP - 38.200 Btu/h
Use For Room:Room area 50 - 54 m² or Volume 150 - 162 m³ ( Suitable for living room, office )
Power Input (Ph/V/Hz):3 Phase, 380 - 415 V, 50Hz
Power consumption (kW):2,94 Kw
Refrigerant/ Liquid Pipe Diameter (mm):9.5 / 15.9
Maximum Pipe Length:50 (m)
Maximum Elevation Length:30 (m)
Cooling Seasonal Performance Factor (CSPF):5.13
Indoor Unit
Indoor Unit Model:FCQ100KAVEA
Indoor Unit Dimensions (mm):298X840X840 (mm)
Indoor Unit Net Weight (Kg):24 (Kg)
Panel Dimensions (mm):50X950X950 (mm)
Panel Net Weight (Kg):5.5 (Kg)
Outdoor Unit
Outdoor Unit Model:RZR100MYM
Outdoor Unit Dimensions (mm):990X940X320 (mm)
Outdoor Unit Net Weight (Kg):73 (Kg)


Enhanced comfort with Inverter.
Inverter performs variable control of frequency, which determines air conditioner's power performance.


Anti-Corrosion Treatment for Outdoor Unit Heat Exchanger

To achieve increased durability by improved resistance to salt corrosion and atmospheric pollution, coated PE fins (with special acryl pretreatment) are used for the heat exchanger of the outdoor unit.


Avoids uneven temperature and discomfort caused by drafts.

Comfort enhanced by Round Flow!

360° airflow

With uniform temperature distribution



Air movement is gentle with Round Flow

Enhanced Comfort


Adapts easily to the installation space.

Because air flows out from corner outlets, comfort spreads more widely.



Whatever the discharge direction, the same type of panel is used. If installing for other than all-round flow, an air discharge outlet sealing material (option) must be used to close each unused outlet.

Operation sound increases when using 2-way or 3-way flow.

Grime prevention and bactericidal coating: Make cleaning easier.

External panels are treated with a coating that repels dirt.

  • To prevent dirt sticking to the external panels, they have been coated with a surface treatment.
  • Non-flocking flaps
    Condensation does not easily form on and dirt does not cling to non-flocking flaps. It is easy to clean.
  • Filter has anti-mould and bactericidal treatment
    Prevents mould and microorganisms growing out of the dust and moisture that adheres to the filters.

Condition after exposure to the smoke of 600 cigarettes in 1 m3 enclosed space.

Unified square panels
Panel size is the same for all models, FCQ50-140KA. It is easy to maintain a neat appearance when multiple units are installed in the same room.
Compact body and quiet operation  dB(A)

Optimal comfort and convenience assured by 2 air discharge modes


1. Air direction is set to the standard position when the unit is shipped from the factory. The
position can be changed from the remote controller.
2. Closing of the corner discharge outlets is recommended.

Suitable for high ceilings

Even in spaces with high ceilings, a comfortable airflow is carried down to the floor level.

When all round flow is selected, ceilings up to 4.2 m in height can be
accommodated. (100-140KA)



Criteria for ceiling height and number of air discharge outlets (Ceiling height is reference value)


Note: Factory settings are for standard ceiling height and all-round flow.
High ceiling settings (1) and (2) are set with the remote controller by field setting.

Two selectable temperature-sensors

Temperature-sensors are included in the indoor unit and optional wired remote controller. Temperature sensing closer to target area is possible to further increase the comfort level.

Use the temperature-sensor in the indoor unit when controlling air conditioning from another room.

Note: Wireless remote controllers have no temperature-sensor.


Switchable fan speed: High/Middle/Low

Control of airflow rate has been improved from 2-step to 3-step

Quick and easy to install

Just 256 mm high. Installable in tight ceiling spaces (50–71KA)

*1 298 mm high with 100–140KA
*2 308 mm high with 100–140KA


Easy height adjustment

Each corner of the unit has an Adjuster Pocket that lets you easily adjust the unit's suspended height.

Note: If the wireless remote control option is installed, a light receptor unit is housed in one of the adjuster pockets.

All models can be installed without using lifter because of the light weight.

Installable in any direction

Since the orientation of the intake grill can be adjusted after installing, the direction of the intake grill lines can be unified when multiple units are installed.

Drain pump is equipped as standard accessory with 850 mm lift.

Transparent drain socket

DIII-NET communication standard
Connection to a centralised control system is available without option.


Low gas pressure detection

Insufficient gas charging is normally hard to detect. During test run after installation and regular inspection, the refrigerant level is monitored by a microprocessor to maintain proper gas pressure. Reliability is assured and maintenance and inspection can be carried out more quickly.

Easier to maintain

  • The condition of the drain pan and drain water can be checked by removing the drain plug and intake grille.
  • With Ultra long-life filters (option), maintenance is not required in normal shops or offices for up to four years.

Options required for specific operating environments

Ultra long-life filter

Even in dusty environments where the air conditioning is on most of the time, the ultra long-life filter only has to be cleaned once a year.

Dusty area: annual filter change

*For dust concentration of 0.3 mg/m3 (Requires separately sold Air purifier.)
1 year (Approx. 5,000 hr) 15 hr/day x 28 day/month x 12 month/year

Ordinary store or office: filter change every 4 years

*For dust concentration of 0.15 mg/m3
4 years (Approx. 10,000 hr) 8 hr/day x 25 day/month x 12 month/years x 4 years

Panel spacer

Use when only minimal space is available between drop ceilings and ceiling slabs.

Sealing material of air discharge outlet

Sealing material block air discharge openings not used in 2-way or 3-way blow.

Branch duct (direct-connection round duct)

A round duct can be attached without the need for a chamber.

Some ceiling constructions may hinder installation.
Contact your Daikin Dealer before installing your unit.

A flanged port for direct connection of a round duct is provided. An existing branch duct chamber can also be fitted (square slit hole).

High-efficiency filter

Available in two types: 65% and 90% colorimetry.

Insulation kit for high humidity

Please use if you think the temperature and humidity inside the ceiling exceeds 30°C and RH 80%, respectively.

Fresh air intake kit

Using this kit, a duct can be
connected to take outdoor air
in.There are two chamber types that
have intake in two places: with
T-duct joint and without T-duct joint.



1. Use of options will increase operating sound.
2. Connecting ducts, fan, insect nets, fire dampers, air filters, and other parts should, as required, be procured locally.
3. When a local-procured fan is used, an interlock with air conditioner is necessary.Optional PCB(KRP1C63)is required for interlocking.
4. It is recommended that the volume of outdoor air introduced through the kit is limited to 10% of the maximum airflow rate of the indoor unit. Introducing higher quantities will increase the operating sound and may also influence temperature sending.

  50 60 71 100

Power supply

 1 Phase, 220 - 240 V, 50Hz
 Cooling Capacity*1,2 Rated (Min. - Max.) kW 5.0
 Btu/h 17,100
 Power consumption kW 1.24 1.58 1.99 2.78
 COP W/W 4.03 3.80 3.57 3.60
 CSPF Wh/Wh 6.47 6.19 5.99 .13
 Indoor unit Sound level (H/M/L) dB(A) 35/31.5/2843/37.5/32
 Dimensions (HxWxD) mm 256X840X840298X840X840
 Weight Kg 2124
 Outdoor unit Sound level (H/M/L) dB(A) 48/4449/45
 Dimensions (HxWxD) mm595X845X300990X940X320
 Weight Kg 4365
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